Do you have a baby at your home? And may you often confused about their meal? In this context, we will talk about when and how you can keep bananas for a baby to get more nutrients. Mainly, all the kids need breast milk for at least six months after their born.

We all know that nothing is better than breast milk. Sometimes, the babies may not get enough breast milk, and then they depend on the formula milk. The babies’ digestive system is tiny, immature, and sensitive to handle the rest of the foods till your baby reaches six months.

But after six months, babies need extra food to get more nutritional benefits and develop their bodies. However, after six months of your baby, you have to go through the solid food.

First, you can start with the banana. In the below discussion, you will get when and how you have to give your kid a banana. So, before you look for baby care products list, let’s get started!

Ways to Offer Banana to Your Babies 

Firstly, we want to say that banana is one of the most comfortable food items that everyone can eat quickly. Also, it is available all over the year. Mostly, they are squishy, soft, and sweet and have enough nutrients.

Well, banana itself can be a complete meal for your baby. You do not need to add any other food too. Just make the banana mash and give it to your baby. Or you can follow the below methods.

Banana for Baby: Age 6 Months

First, you have to peel one banana and then make the small pieces. Then make a smooth and soft banana mash with a fork. You have to keep in mind that now your baby is not ready to bite or eat something.

So, be very careful to make the soft mash. Moreover, you can add some formula milk or breast milk to make the banana puree with the mashed one. That will be very helpful for the kid to swallow the banana puree easily.

Banana for Kid: Age 9 Months

Your baby will start biting or eating at the age of 9 months. But do not think that your baby is ready to eat solid food completely. Even they are not ready to eat a banana by biting. So, make the banana mash with some solid chunks.

Banana for Your Baby: Age 1 Year or More 

Now one can give one banana to the kid without making a mash of it. Just peel off the banana and make the small pieces. And give the slice to your kid’s hand.

Or you can go through a funny technique. Sometimes, give the banana pieces to your kid. They will make a complete mess, but they will start learning from these funny acts. You can play with your baby with toys and offer them banana. You can look for baby stores nearby to get the toys for your baby.

Banana for Older Children

Now give half-peeled banana without making mash occasionally throughout the day.

Should You Offer a Banana to the Kid During Cold? 

The expert says that one can keep bananas in baby meals during cough and cold, but there should be moderation. You can offer half a banana or a few slices of it during the cold. Mainly, you have to decide it according to your baby’s health.


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