Locating on the Central Coast of California, Pismo Beach is well known as the world’s Calm Capital. This is a picture-perfect beach with all essentials that need for it. These include crystal-clear blue waters, hot springs, beautiful waves, green spaces, and towering cliffs.

This flourishing city is set with year-round mild temperatures that make it a perfect tourist destination. When it comes to visiting with family and kids, there are loads of things to do. So, if you like to make your family beach vacation more enjoyable then you’ll find tons of activities for your kids on this beach. This place is really awesome and you can find tons of the best things to do in Pismo Beach.

Your kids will enjoy the thrill of bike riding to the zoo and museums and some old fashioned beach games. Thus your entire family will enjoy the trip up to the last minute. Well, we’re going to share some of the best things to do in Pismo Beach with kids.

Dinosaur Caves Park Picnic

Dinosaur Caves Park locates high atop a trick with an 11-acre of land. It’s situated at the turn of Shell Beach Road and Cliff Street with all the components of a great picnic spot. Apart from being a picnic spot, you’ll find plenty of things out there. These include the impressive coastal views, walking paths, manicured lawn, and restrooms

These all are great for a calming of your mind and the place is photo-worthy. Also, your kids will enjoy here the playground with sculptures of dolphins, dinosaur eggs, and a whale. Wander down the nearest long stairway to the beach to keep watch on seals or look for sea glass to work off your meal.

Learning Surfing

As it’s locating at just south of the beach, you’ll find many companies offer basic surfing lessons. The lessons have been customized to afford people and kids with all levels regardless of first-time learners or intermediate. If you like to get private lessons then there is another setting apart from group lessons.

However, you’ll find just five persons when you’ll learn surfing in a group. Some of them host 3-day and 5-day surf camps during the summer months and spring break. So, this is a good way to teach your kids how to do surfing.

Ice Cream Lab

When you’re in Pismo Beach, it is worth to pay a visit to the nearest San Luis Obispo or Arroyo Grande. Because of the Ice Cream Lab, the place is very attractive for the kids. They’ll enjoy desserts that have made in-house with the old way. Along with more than 64 flavors, it offers the real parlor serving of the century.

The tastes you’ll find here are including sea salt caramel, Butterfinger blast, mint fudge Oreo, and merlot raspberry truffle. Also, there is a palace for the frozen treat that comes with seasonal flavors, cake ice cream, and an eating challenge of Tuesday night.

Besides, your kids will enjoy paddling and kayaking along with learning through play and visiting the butterfly grove with some other more amazing places and things.


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