Label printing along with the application systems is great to increase your system’s efficiency like any other systems including conveyor aluminium profile. But, you have to set them up properly. When it comes to automatic printing and applying units, it might be extremely supportive of work reduction.

Also, it can be good for the product output if done properly. But, if you do it incorrectly, it could need lots of downtimes. It also becomes a big cause of headaches of operators regardless of the high-quality linear rail system.

This is why we’re going to share some tips that will help you to set up your label and printing system rightly. While perfectly applying these tips, they’ll ensure the top label of shipping.


You have to create a consistent space between products that allows you to enough time to tamp and print. If not, the product could go through the machine before you have prepared to use a label. You should define the space by the speed of the print of your printer along with the cycle time of your tamp head.

Also, it’ll help you to decide the pace of your conveyor. The thing that will take more time for the motion of tamping is the height of the box while using a slide applies system.

So, you can install manifold P&A units to improve output. When you’re using more than one P&A machines, you can alter labels between machines. Thus, they can give you a higher output as you can reduce the space.


When a product moves down of the conveyer, you have to justify it one side to create a consistent travel plane. It’ll make sure your product is remaining in parallel alignment.

It happens when you place the machines in a preset position, making a great point of reference for your label to apply it.

Conveyor Belt

importantly, you have to choose a good conveyor belt to get allowing your products to go directly without shake, constant drive, and provide sufficient friction. Thus, the product will not move or tilt severely when the machine tamps on active mode.

Unusually, you have to place a wheel encoder below the conveyor belt to get the count of the pulse of encoder. It’ll help you to track the product control.

Photo Eyes

You need a height recognition sensor and detection/tracking sensor for photoelectric to detect and track the product’s height while moving on the conveyor. If you use a tall box, it’ll accomplish the task of applying the label in less time.

This is because the control indicator to use a label will come later other than following a smaller box the line. The height finding sensor isn’t essential if a bottom or side use is your ideal application. The time of the tamp cycle will the same for all time.

Besides, you should use the relays use mute the sensor of tracking if you don’t need a tamp signal. Moreover, there are some other considering things are including position, cycle time, QC verification, QC lookup, and QC reject.


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