Regardless of the substantive level or the procedural level, the family law trial is a complicated thing in BC. In case, you become unsuccessful to go after any one of the described procedural rules or steps of the trial. Then you may find the court registry is happy to cancel or strike the trial and offer the time to somebody else.

It’s because all the courts are very busy and everybody is in wait of getting hearing from a judge. Despite being the top lawyers Vancouver, you’ll be getting a higher chance of making your family trial canceled if you ignore or forget to go through the required time rules or procedural.

As a result, you’ll need to rebook the trial that may need a few months to go near a hearing. This is why we’re here to share some tips that will help you to prepare for the family law trial successfully without consulting with the lawyers in Vancouver BC.

Book Your Family Trial in the Supreme Court

There are steps to follow while booking a family law trial that you have to follow strictly. For example, you should be agreed on how long the trial will be lasting. The duration may vary and it could be from 5 days to 50 days or even some more days.

But, you’ll find some lawyers they’ll tell you that they can finish your family law trial within hours. Thus, choose your lawyer and book the trial effectively. It’s because this is the initial and very vital point of your trial.

Complete Checking for Discoveries

Indeed, it’s not mandatory to check the discovery or depositions. But, it’s very essential and highly recommended for every Supreme Court when it comes to the family law trial. Also, it’s hard to find that a litigant of family law trial has not done their discoveries.

File & Serve The Trial Brief

 No matter you’re a respondent or claimant, you’ll require to file plus serve the brief of your trial. You have to do it before 7 days of the trial conference. If you’re unable to submit a trial brief, the Court Registry may strike you with the conference and the trial as well.

Attend The Trial Management Conference (TMC)

The TMC is a meeting of a judge and the claimants or their assigned lawyer. The conference should be held more than 28-day before the court trial.

 The purpose of the TMC is to know if the parties are ready to go through the trial or they have any shortage of maintaining the rules and procedural.

Bottom Line

If anyway you get strike by the Court Registry, you can apply right away to apply to explain why you failed on the short leave of the court. Thus there are some more steps to reach to bring better output for you.

These include submitting your latest financial statement, updated document list, and trial record. Also, it requires your trial certificate, documents book, and book of authorities.


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