You might be thinking of cleaning your countertops, quick vacuuming, and spraying air freshener in your bathroom is enough to go with your holidays. But, rethink it. We’re not saying you should do cleaning a full season. But, you have to focus on some critical areas with a quick inspection.

This is a great way and your house will be a hundred percent ready to invite your guests. However, you’ll feel is very difficult to do if you don’t know how to do. So, we’re going to discuss some unique tips that will help you with cleaning your house quickly and effectively.

Especially, we’ll know about some tips regarding your household tools like microwave, oven, dishwasher, and vacuum. So, before you call some junk removal or Austin shed removal services, simply follow these tips.


In any home, the microwave is the tool that used more than any other appliance from leftovers to cooking prep. If you perform a bit of pre-holiday cleanup, then you’re all set with your microwave. First, remove the roller and rotating the plate and scrub them well or run them throughout the dishwasher.

Also, clean the interior and exterior by wiping down. Thus, you have to ensure to make all vents free of grease and dust. When it comes to clean the greasy surfaces, spray undiluted vinegar and keep them for 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Then clean them well with scrubber or dishcloth and you’ll find them clean.


Like many other people, you also may like to get a deep-clean of your oven after the holidays. But, you don’t need to take out all of your holiday approachings. Clean your oven inside very well and use foil under the bottom of your oven. This way, the foil will cover up hard to remove build-up.

Also, it’ll prevent other things formation that can make your cleaning process harder. But, if you have an oven without self-cleaning feature, you can use a pate of baking soda and vinegar. Making the paste, apply it on your oven and keep it for a whole night. When you’ll wash it up with plenty of water, you’ll find it clean and bright.


Now, let’s clean up your refrigerator. But, don’t forget you’ll have to go through the process very carefully. It’s because it’s a rigorous task like cleaning up your microwave. When its holiday and many guests are in your house, the refrigerator also gets open and closed many times every day. So, it’s your responsibility to make it ready to offer its best services.

Look for if there are any loose screws and tighten them accordingly. Now, take out all drawers and other stuff you have kept inside. Then clean out the out and inside of your refrigerator using wet clothes. If there is ice inside and difficult to take out the drawers and keep it switched off for one or two hours. After that things will be easy to take out and clean out.


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