You might be one of them who think catering solution is pretty simple, right? As the concept is basic itself, the real process may be tricky somehow. If you have ever done any deal with an event or a catering a meeting you know it’s not actually as simple as you think. But, you and every event planner like to get every part of your event go smoothly and memorable. Besides, it can get a huge impact on your catering choices on the event attendees for worse or for better. That’s why there are some chances to make some mistakes when you’re in this business. If they happen then you have a great impact on your whole business as it’s a matter of business’s reputation. So, let’s know some mistakes in this business with the possible solution of them.

Adding NO Gratuity into Your Budget

You’re not aware of whether you have added gratuity in the bills that’s one of the most common mistakes. It’s because many times you may don’t mention it and this is such a regular mistake. If you didn’t remember to add an amount like a $300 as a tip you should not get frustrated because you have set your plans for a reason. Now, the question is what the best solution is to avoid this mistake for the next time. if you always ask the restaurant ahead of you lock them down as your caterer then it’s easy to avoid this common mistake.

Timing the Delivery

The timing of your items’ delivery is another thing that you don’t understand, but it’s very essential for your business. you would get worried about your food that it’s being fresh or hot no longer by the set time if you get the delivery time too early. But, you might get hungry people to turn into angry in the opposite scenario when you deliver them too late. As you don’t like to make your attendees angry from hungry, you don’t want to be on the other end of this situation. Now, you’re going to ask us about the possible solution is to avoid this mistake. It has a simple solution we like to suggest that you have to deliver food just before 30 minutes of eating.

Including NO Vegetarian Options

It’s another mistake you might learn from your personal duties. Sometimes you totally forget when you’re ordering food that there are some vegetarians and get awkward. This happens while not including any option for the vegetarians if you don’t provide a large menu for them. in this issue, you can consider adding some items like kabobs, pasta dishes, and pizza. Also, you should add some gluten-free items and thing a lot of protein as well.

Miscalculating the Amount of Food

As it’s hard to estimate the amount of food, every restaurant prepares various proportions so that every person can eat different amounts. If you like to get its solution, you have to add some 2-5 heads on your counter.

Finally, it can be said that all these kinds of mistakes can be smartly handled if you use an appropriate caterer software that enables you to organize and accelerate your catering business.


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