No doubt installing a new air conditioner is not an easy task. It requires special skills, experience, and profound knowledge to install new AC seamlessly and flawlessly. Poorly installed AC will not only consume more energy, have low efficiency but will also require frequent maintenance.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that you hire expert services of residential and commercial Air conditioning installation and repair in Missouri city TX from reputed companies. However, if you still want to install the AC on your own then diligently follow these 8 steps:

Right Installation Area

Ensure that you install your AC on a strong wall that can bear the weight of its indoor and outdoor unit.  A strong, sturdy wall ensures that there will be no vibrations induced into the wall. Also, keep in mind to leave a distance of at least 15 cm above and on the sides of your indoor AC unit.  The ideal height at which it must be installed should be at least 7 feet above the ground.

Fix The Mounting Plate

Mount the plate of the indoor AC unit horizontally against the wall. Use the measuring tape if you do not have a bubble or spirit level. When you achieve the perfect horizontal position mark it with a pencil where drilling will be done for fasteners.

Mounting The Indoor AC Unit

The next step is to effectively remove the split AC’s front cover and carefully lift it towards the mounting plate.  After carefully mounting it, attach the front cover of the AC. If you find it tough to do and get confused on how to insert copper wires through outlet hole drill, you can always seek help of the professionals. Call AC companies and get to know their AC installation estimates before zeroing in them. Mostly, all the AC brands and companies provide installation and delivery when you purchase AC unit from them.

Right Installation Spot

Ensure you choose the right installation spot and have kept a distance of at least 30-35 centimeters between around the outdoor unit to ensure best performance. Moreover, it is imperative to avoid a place that has direct sunlight or is filled with dust.

Fixing The Brackets

When you have selected the right & perfect installation area, make a drilled hole for the brackets. Ensure they are aligned horizontally. After that fix the brackets with the help of the shipped fasteners.

Mounting The Outdoor Unit

The third last step is to carefully install the outdoor unit of the split AC and place it on the bracket. Ensure the screw holes of the bracket and the AC unit. Next, carefully bolt up the AC unit with the bracket firmly.

Connecting the Wires

Now uncover your electrical ports and look at the connection diagram of the AC unit, according to the diagram, connect the power cable to the outdoor unit. It is necessary to connect your wires as per the guidance according to the manufacturer to avoid damage.

Copper Pipes

Clean the copper pipes thoroughly before using the vacuum pump before connecting it to the corresponding pipe port with the aid of the flare nuts. Ensure that the flare nuts are tightly closed. Then open both the gas valves.  Finally, you are done installing your AC unit. But if you still find any of these steps confusing, then it is highly advised that you hire professionals for affordable air conditioning installation.

Wrap Up

By diligently following these steps, you can easily install AC on your own but it is highly advisable to hire professional help for installation.


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