Cloud is not the best economic solution for medical imaging management. It’s because there is another economic solution for everyone. You will not get your expected result if you have a low bandwidth internet connection.

We hope an optimal solution can decrease your tension. So, we think you will get an optimal solution by using the Cloud. A Cloud will provide maximum service to you.

On the other hand, if you have an inconsistent or uneven connection and you want the benefits of like Cloud, you need getting Hybrid. You can save money and time if you will go Hybrid.

The Cloud Takes Time

Most of the clients love the free open source DICOM viewer for paid or free DICOM images. So, we think it is a positive sign for business. We hear about the Horos because many names from it have dropped. For instance, one of our clients loved their open-source solution.

At this moment, the client had to go frustration. It happened when he got his appointment to show. When the patient was with them, they were expecting that the image would be loading. However, while the Cloud is promoted to access the medical images anytime and anywhere as you have strong internet.

At the time of uploading images, you cannot expect timely output. This is because it is common that the size of medical images is huge. In the time of viewing X-rays, MRI or CTs you will see the thousands of parts of an image you need to wait a long time because that is a big file.

Request a Demo

Every person has a personal task. So, no one likes to waste his valuable time in a specific work. If you make them, more wait for appointments and images. In the future, you will fall into losing. As a result, you will decrease your revenue. So, you need to discontinue the use of your Cloud.

You will get many benefits from the Cloud. Such as unlimited storage, file backup, rapid access, sharing option, and reporting capacities. Finally, you expect the Cloud and your DICOM medical imaging data mac will do in an optimistic way.

Go Hybrid

A hybrid medical imaging solution is the platform. So, in this platform, you can use to view medical images. Because of this, it is available and easy to use. If you go to the hybrid, you will get the best part of the Cloud. As a result, you don’t need to give your DICOM viewer.

However, hybrids have access to use the temporary storage which comes from mini PACS. It allows a pre-fetch from the Cloud. Essentially, if you see the patient, you can request to the Cloud. Then an image will pop up instantly. No patient to wait a single minute. Is it not easy?

Final Thought

A user needs to use a solution for his best of the best practice. Though we will be the champion in Cloud solution, it may not the best choice for everybody. Finally, we suggest you use Horos or DICOM viewer. Go Hybrid.


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