You can check with the long distance international calls from mobile phone provider for your overseas calls from the USA. It’s the same process to call to the most Caribbean nations and Canada as you do your domestic calls. It’s this way to use dialing 1 with the area code and then your desire personal number. But, the way is somehow different if you need to call any other country than these. In this case, you have to add 011 plus your country code and city or area code number in front of the personal number. For example, when you’re trying to call Brazil to a person who lives in Rio de Janeiro the dialing number would be 011 55 21 XXXX XXXX. Here the cross marks are indicating the personal number that you’re calling.

What are the Charges of International Calls to Mobile Phones?

You have a chance to ask your call provider for getting some discounts for your call if you need to do it regularly. Sometimes things go this way that you see a rate in the advertisement, but you find it more when you use in practice. For example, you can choose an overseas calling plan that you think best for Australia if you call their regular basis. In this case, you’ll find a $45/ month plan for your long distance call. But, you can call Australia 60 minutes/ month with no paying rate of a per-minute if you get the plan. That means you’ll have to pay just $0.17/ minute if you cross your limit. So, you have to get another plan for your domestic calls to get the rate. It’ll be not much more than $5 to $10.

What’s more about it?

In addition to your regular plans, you can use the prepaid calling cards for the overseas calling from the USA. Also, you can consider using social media apps or other internet-based services like Skype. So, you can use the international calling cards to save money on the overseas calling that provides lower rates. This is a good option for you if you make just a few calls over there. Also, you can consider using prepaid minutes that will save you from a bigger bill and it’s important to note. You’ll get another alternative of calling your international candidates that’s to use your mobile phone. So, check the overseas call rates and its offer of your provider if you use a mobile phone for international calls.

Bottom Line

At the end of the content, we can say it your traditional phone call for the overseas calling may be a higher rate than the Voice over Internet Protocol calling system if you did not get the best mobile plans with international calls. Also, you’ll just have to get a high-speed internet connection and a mobile phone to make an overseas call. Moreover, you’ll find some other ways to replace your regular phone calls if you search on the internet. So, you should shop around Google to choose the best one that suits you most. But, you must be aware of their terms and conditions before you choose any plan.


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