It’s very essential to keep clean your commercial restroom while running a premium faculty. It’ll help you to prevent from dangerous health issues along with deterring vandalism. In the commercial facility, there is more than 5% space for the restrooms. But, they contain 20% more dirt with 80% more complaints

Businesses never want negative impressions from their clients especially for the appearances of their restrooms. And this can impact too negatively if you don’t maintain a good office housekeeping checklist. Can you remember the review regardless of positive or negative you first met a client for the first time? They’ll likely to remember it if it’s poor in quality than they expect.

Why You Should Keep Your Restroom Clean

You might be working hard with your business, but it can get a bad impression due to its poor appearance of the restrooms. This is why it’s very important to know about commercial restroom cleaning procedures.

While performing regular cleaning of your restrooms, it’ll not just keep them clean; it’ll also boost the clients’ satisfaction. Apart from these, clean and organized business restrooms maintain and improve the image of your facility. This is why let’s know the procedures that will be helpful for you.

Place The Signs of a Wet Floor

Putting signs that indicate the bathroom and the entrance will help to know everybody who likely to enter there that that area could be a bit slippery. As a result, they’ll walk accordingly and will be able to avoid any possible accidents. 

Keep Your Trash Empty with Dusting & Sweeping

First off, dust out all fixtures along with vents and counters before you sweep out the floors. When you have done these tasks, go to the next steps. That means it’s time to empty the available trash receptacles and keep them in another new liner.

Fill Soap Container, Toilet Paper, and Paper Towels

Keep all soap containers fill that will help you to maintain a premium business environment. Likewise, check the paper towel, and papers in toilet dispensers that will be very occupants. While doing this you can keep easy access to your clients’ to the cleanliness products.

Clean Toilets & Urinals

If you pre-treat your commercial restrooms’ toilet bowls along with the urinals will avail you the best outputs. It’s because it’ll keep the areas as clean and free of germs that your clients always will praise.

After doing this task within a few minutes, make a thorough cleanup of the urinals and toilets both sides in and out. While having completed cleaning them, you should take care of your countertops, mirrors, and sinks. It’s because there should not be remaining fingerprints, smudges, soap buildup, or water stains. 

Cleaning Walls & Fixtures Then Mopping the Floor

Clean your restrooms’ walls by wiping them out along with knobs, doors, partitions, etc. It’s time to use a mop and take a wet one. Start mopping from the inner part of the rooms and finish it toward the door. Before opening it for the guests to avoid any unexpected injury, allow the floor to be dried completely.


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