The popularity of men’s fade haircut is running for many years. Also, the trend seems to be carrying on the next few years as well. This haircut is usually suitable for men and for those who have short hair. But, you’ll find these days, people are getting the combination of a high or low fade with long and medium hair on top.

Also, the type of haircut of taper fade is hot and attractive for men of black, white, Asian or Latino. That means almost all types of people can adopt it regardless of Astoria barbers. Moreover, you’ll get there many types of fade haircuts to choose from.

But, there is always one special haircut is waiting for you to make you cool and stylish. So, let’s know which one is perfect for you to make you an amazingly different look from good barbers near me.

Low Fade Haircut

As it’s timeless and trendy, this haircut is very popular. The cut starts just from the upper part of your ears and goes curving around to the down of the hairline up to the neck. Because of its flexibility, this haircut is great to add to any long or short men’s hairstyle with a clean-cut. It provides a clean finish on their back and sides.

But, in comparison to high fade, this one is a more traditional trim, like the classic taper fade. That’s why the business professionals like to get this haircut that looks nice with a beard. If you have medium-length or long hair on top, then this is an ideal haircut for you.

High Fade Haircut

It’s one of the straightforward ways to cut the hair on your back and sides. Also, it offers a lot of difference in the style of edgy. This men haircut works nicely with different types of attractive hairstyles. It’s because the cut starts extremely high on your head that cuts down at very faster rate than the mid or lower fades.

Besides, it makes you stand alone in the crowd with its strong emphasizing style hair on the top. In this haircut, the high skin fade is one of the common versions. Moreover, many people prefer to get a shape up or line up by asking their barber.

In that way, they make an outline of their hairline with sharp edges and lines around the temples. The final outcome is a cool and stylish haircut with nice looks.

Mid Fade Haircut

If you’re looking for a haircut in the middle point of low fade and high fade, then mid fade is for you. It starts from your head’s halfway up the back and sides. This haircut is getting more popularity because of its gradual and softer outline that’s as hot as modern. It fits in casual and office settings with good look.

If you pair it for a clean put down a skin fade, then you’ll get this haircut much hot and exciting. But, in case, you’re hesitant about some other fade hairstyles, consider getting the med fade and go through and experiment with some new haircuts.


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