Hiking pants are lightweight and quick-drying pants. These special types of pants are made of nylon and are ideal for hiking or outdoor activities. Hiking pants come with pockets and have added benefits. One of them is, many hiking pants have features where you can zip off the legs to make hiking shorts. Such hiking pants are called convertible hiking pants as they are 2 in 1.

Convertible Hiking Pants vs. Standard Hiking Pants

Convertible hiking pants get a thumbs up for its 2 in 1 approach. Pull down the zip and you get shorts. A standard hiking pants often has zippers on the lower part of the leg to make it easier to remove the pants without removing their boots. Hiking pants, however, can’t convert to hiking shorts. The standard hiking pants have a much sleeker appearance because of the lack of zipper. The pants are also quite light compared to the convertible ones.

Benefits of Hiking Pants

It Dries Fast

Because they are made of nylon the hiking pants dry rapidly. If the pants get wet they will dry out within minutes. Nylon hiking pants don’t absorb water and that’s the reason it dries pretty quickly. And for this reason, hiking pants are ideal for hiking where stream crossing need to be made. You can also wear hiking pants in stormy and wet weather.

It Ensures Comfortability

Hiking pants are very comfortable pants, even more, comfortable than blue jeans. They are light and spacious. The hiking pants don’t crimp up or rub against the skin. A hiking pants has serious flexibility and durability. On-trail or off-trail this pant works for both occasions. Hiking pants often consist of elastic waistbands and that means they are pretty easy to put on or remove. The waistbands are comfortable since they allow the pants to move with each motion and hug the body like denim ones.

It’s Noiseless

These type of pants are made of specialized and quality nylon. Such nylon material doesn’t make many noises. If you have ever gone hiking you’d understand the noise can be annoying if you are in the quiet area. This would even cause distractions while you are viewing the wildlife afar or trying to take a picture of an animal without making a noise. That’s why quiet hiking pants would help you achieve the quiescence.

Pockets Are Your Best Friend

As I have mentioned earlier, hiking pants usually have many pockets. Some of these pockets are exceptionally large. The pockets always in handy for keeping cameras, maps, wallet, flashlight, etc. Even though the pants consist so many pockets, you wouldn’t feel the pants heavy at all. You can easily carry lite lunch and other necessary items. And if you are a woman, you will thank yourself for all those pockets. Womens hiking pants thus saves a woman from carrying a clutch or purse for additional baggage.

Choosing a style completely depends on you and your preference. The lightweight, breathability and water-resistant coating are things to always go for while choosing a hiking pants. Blue jeans can be your thing but if you have just started hiking and need comfortable pants while you take a hike (no puns intended), nothing can beat convertible hiking pants. You can easily shorten the pants into shorts when it’s hot and can zip it up when it gets cold at night.


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