1. Epocrates

This application is widely used all around the world by healthcare professionals to get information about drugs. This application also allows its users to check the pill to pill interaction and identifying the drugs through its physical features. The pro version of Epocrates provides knowledge about the treatment and alternative medications for pathogenic diseases. Whereas the deluxe edition of this application comes with more advanced features such as; diagnostic tools, medical dictionary, disease monographs and billing codes.

2. Medscape

It is an application that can be downloaded for free on the iPhones and provide a great amount of free content to its users. Through this app, you can get easy access to the latest medical news, drug interaction checking, patient education articles and much more. You can also register yourself on the application so that the app shows you the content that you are more concerned about and interested in.

3. EyeChart

Usually known as The Snellen EyeChart, as understood by the name is an application for eye care. Many eye care professionals use this application to measure the acuity of vision. The original Snellen charts are typically placed 20’ away but this application in the iPhone should be 4’ away only.

4. EyeDecide MD

Another eye care app that makes it easier for the healthcare professionals and even the medical students to have a deeper look into the eye’s anatomy. You can have a look in detail at eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, floaters, dry eyes or any other eye disease. It also makes it much easier to find the location of any particular component of the eye using the built-in app directory.

5. Heart Pro

For cardiology, Heart Pro is undoubtedly the best application for you as it has the 3-dimensional model of a heart that you can pay a close look to from any angle. You can also look deeper inside the heart with everything labelled by cutting it with your finger. This is a great technology that makes it a piece of cake to know the internal and external anatomy and physiology of a human heart.

6. Neuro Toolkit

Neuro Toolkit is an application for the neurological purpose which has all the basic and generally used neurological grading scales and diseases such as; hemorrhages, strokes or AVMs. Neuro Toolkit is a great app to get the knowledge about neurology and neurosurgery because all the knowledge provided in this application was written by a neurologist itself.

7. Psych Drugs

It is quite a useful application that has every detail about the drugs needed for mental care for example; mood stabilizers, antidepressants, antianxiety medicines and antipsychotics. You can look up for any drug by typing its name in the search bar given at the top.

8. AirStrip Patient Monitoring

This application is for every healthcare professional who wants to access the data of their easily anytime they want. This application is ideal for this purpose as it lets you to check up on your patients’ data including their medications, vitals, lab reports, cardiac waveforms and much more.

There are also DICOM viewer free online apps for iPhone that can be used for viewing medical data. These free DICOM viewer apps are for Android too. Moreover, there are also online DICOM viewers that can be accessed from any system or smartphone.


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