1. Block All the Spam Numbers Individually One by One

If you have the aim to block all the spam calls that you get on your phone and landline (cheap NBN or not) then it is going to be a lot of work as you would have to block every single number one by one from which you get spam calls. But, if you get spam calls only from a particular phone number then it would be a lot easier to block that number forever.

2. Pay or Trust Your Carrier for Your Protection

In recent years, almost all of the major phone companies have started to take steps and are becoming an obstruction between the spam callers and you so that you don’t get annoyed by them and change your carrier. These companies have found out the latest ways to block such spammers. However, there is a possibility that some phone companies might charge extra money for your protection. It’s worth it too as their plans are good like cheap NBN, landline and Telstra SIM only plans.

3. Use Third-Party Applications to Help You

Various applications have been launched to help you stay away from the spam calls. Some are specially designed to prevent your cellphone from ringing because of robocalls. You can find these applications on App Store as well as on Google Play Store. However, the majority of such applications charge money for the service – so, ensure that you have done the research prior to installing the app.

These apps would help you in blocking the annoying spam callers and would prevent them from reaching you ever again. Furthermore, some of the apps such as true caller shows the actual name of the person on which the sim card has been registered.

4. Enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

Another way to avoid spam calls is to enable the do not disturb mode in your cellphone. This mode allows only to receive calls from the contacts that are saved in your contact list. However, it has a drawback that there could be someone who has changed their number and wants to contact you so you might miss those important calls as well. But, those people can leave a voicemail or a message so you could get to know and add them in your contact list. This tip is recommended especially to those who have gotten extremely fed up with the daily drama of the spam callers and to those who keep their contact list meticulously updated.

5. Buy a Smartphone That Automatically Detects Spam Calls

Some latest models of Samsung Note and S series have the feature of identifying spam calls automatically and show ‘Spam call’ on the screen whenever a spammer tries to reach you. Similarly, Google has also launched mobile phones with the same feature. Google Pixel and Pixel 2 identifies the spam call and shows ‘Do not answer’ on the screen so you get to know that a spam call is incoming.

Aforementioned smart tips would help you in dealing with the spammers who try to annoy you with spam calls every other day on your cheap NBN, landline, and smartphone.


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