Sometimes we need some extra cash. But most jobs require you to be experienced as the employers expect a high return for their money. Problem is, most people don’t have that much time to suddenly learn a new skill and start earning. If you are one of them, we got. We will tell you about 3 ways to earn money online without very little to no experience at all. This is suitable for stay at home parents, students, elderly people, etc.

Transcription Jobs

Transcription is the written version of the audio. You listen to audio given to you, and you type what you heard. That’s it, that’s what the job requires. It’s better if you have done this before, that way you can faster and more efficiently. But even if you don’t have any experience in transcribing, you can just start right away. All you need is a good headphone, a laptop/Desktop and off you go. You can also use a foot pedal if you want but it’s not very necessary.

There are websites e.g. Daily Transcription, Casting Words Transcription, etc. that always have these types of jobs available. You just have to go to their website, create a free account, and start working. You can earn $250 to $950 per week depending on your efficiency from these jobs.

Doing Survey

This is the easiest job you will ever do. It doesn’t even require any skill or experience. All you have to do is go to survey taking websites and complete surveys. This is most available for people living in the USA. There are websites e.g. Vindale Research, MyPoints, Survey Junkie, LifePoints, etc. where they put their surveys about various topics.

It’s done because of market research. You just have to open an account on those websites and choose which surveys you want to do. Since this is an easy job that even an elementary school kid can do, this job pays lower than others. But if you want to earn money sitting at home, it’s a good option.


Investing is the most profit earning and riskiest way to earn money from home. It’s high risk, high return. You can invest in stocks, bonds, foreign exchange currencies, E-currencies, etc. If you are not that experienced in investing in those things, there are apps to help you make a good decision. Some of those apps are Ally, Acorns, Robinhood, etc. There are even trading robots or software that work autonomously without human inputs. But you need to be wise enough while choosing the right FX robots. You need to follow the forex automated trading reviews to get the best.

If you choose to invest in these things, we highly suggest you know about these things first. Get a thorough knowledge of what you are getting into. Investing is although profitable, it’s also very risky. Even with the help of apps, you can lose money. So, it’s better to know how and where to invest.


We hope we helped you find good ways to earn money online. You should decide which way you want to earn money and how much effort you want to put into it.


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